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A Privately Run Nursery for 0-5 Year Olds

Established Since 1997

Westfield Nursery

Westfield Nursery

42 Sorrin Close



BD10 8QF



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To provide a child friendly environment where ALL children can develop, grow, learn and play to their full potential in a place that promotes their self esteem giving them confidence for their future lives.




• By greeting every child and parent with a smile and friendly approach.


• By welcoming all children into Westfield Nursery regardless of race, gender, religion, colour, nationality, disability, abilities or beliefs and by promoting equality.


• By using language that is positive, constructive and understandable to the children.


• By promoting positive images and values of the children through various activities, role plays and stories. (Activities will include celebrating festivals through out the year to promote cultural awareness and activities to reflect non-stereotypical roles).


• By ensuring that each child makes all round progress and develops at their own rate.


• By encouraging new skills through everyday play and set activities.


• By providing a variety of toys, activities, equipment to stimulate all areas through “The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum”.


• By providing an environment in which parents will have a relaxed confidence in their Childs’ well being.


• By providing highly qualified, mature and experienced staff to work closely with the children and their parents.


• By promoting independence, speech, co-operation with others, good manners and table etiquette, but above all a feeling of fun and security.

Our Aims

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