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A Privately Run Nursery for 0-5 Year Olds

Established Since 1997

Westfield Nursery

Westfield Nursery

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The Jungle

The ‘Jungle’ is home to our pre school aged children. It runs on a ratio of 1:8 with a maximum of 32 children at any one time. We do like to keep the ratio to 1:6 as we feel this benefits the children’s learning and environment.


As our children progress to our pre-school room there is a lot of emphasis on getting them ‘school ready’. This does not mean that they will be able to read or write but that they are mentally and physically ready for the new challenges that full time education may bring.


The children are given more freedom and independency in their choosing of activities and are fully involved with the planning within the room. This allows their imagination to run wild with ideas of pirate adventures, space missions and fantasy stories.


The pre-school room is a separate purpose built unit with its own outdoor area.  The room is separated into areas which include – mark making, maths area, cosy corner, IT area, sand, water, small world and many more to keep all the children busy and engaged in their learning.


The transition into ‘big school’ is aimed to be as smooth as possible. Our dedicated pre school team have a wealth of experience in preparing our oldest children for the next venture in their lives. All reception teaching staff are invited into our pre school to come and visit the children that they will be receiving in the Autumn Term.

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